Trionetics' unique patented rotating cathode cell provides rapid recovery of metals from concentrated process streams in readily recoverable nugget form for reclamation or reuse. Rotating cathodes and turbulent solution flow through pure seed media provides high yield and lower overall operating costs.

Electrowinning Systems

112 Rota-Cat
Rota-Cat™ 12 Series
(5 lbs of copper per day)
Electrowinning is very similar to electroplating. Electric current is run through a solution with metal dissolved in it and the metal plates out onto the negative electrode (cathode). In electroplating, the anodes are typically made up of the same metal being plated out so that they continuously dissolve and provide more metal to be plated out. In electrowinning, the anodes are made of precious metal that does not dissolve so that the concentration of metal in solution decreases.
With the rotating cathodes, plating efficiencies decrease after about 0.5 ppm, so plating down to discharge limits is not feasible. A typical use is regenerant recovery: ion exchange regenerant can be treated and reused again and again.

If necessary, the rotating cathode barrel can be replaced with a high efficiency cathode (mailbox) that will allow plating down to discharge limits.

218 Rota-Cat
Rota-Cat™ 18 Series
(20 lbs of copper per day)

Rota-Cat™ 36 Series
(100 lbs of copper per day)
Larger units can be delivered with an integral hoist to make unloading easier. Difficult or dangerous chemistries can be treated with anode membrane isolation to prevent the formation of dangerous gasses.

Modular design permits purchasing a smaller capacity today and expanding with more electrowinning cells as your recovery needs increase.

Rota-Cats have been used to successfuly recover copper, nickel, gold and lead.

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