Trionetics, Inc.

Plating Lines

Trionetics manufactures:
  • Barrel Plating Lines - for volume plating of small parts
  • Rack Plating Lines - production runs of plumbing fixtures, tools, etc.
  • PCB Plating Lines - electroless or pattern plating

All of our plating lines feature computer control to reduce the need for operator intervention and guarantee consistency and quality. With multiple plating tanks, rinse cells, activation baths and an integrated hoist, the only steps that require an operator are loading and unloading. The computer controls all steps of the plating process, timing and even sets the plating currents by communicating with intelligent rectifiers.

Barrel Line
Barrel Plating Line
Rack Line
Rack Plating Line
PCB Line
PCB Plating Line

Take a Look!

For an detailed look at our latest plating line project, download this. It's a PDF file that shows closeup photos and descriptions of Trionetics latest PCB Plating Line. It was built for Proto Circuit, Inc.

Manufacturing plating lines under license agreement with Galvanoteknik

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